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A Bite of being a VP

So as many of you know, a huge part of being a Babson First Year is the FME program. In November I was put in the company of A Taste of Wellesley, and we were lucky enough to make it through as one of the final two companies for my class. A week after this, I ran for Vice President of IT and won! I kind of won by default, since I was the only one running… But none the less I still won.

As fun as it sounds being in the E-board of a FME company, it is A LOT of work. My company has been through so many changes since A Taste of Wellesley got through, and being on the E-board, I have been there for all the changes and struggles. After a lot of debating, we are now Fresh Bites! Though there are times I want to throw my computer, I am over all pretty happy with what my company has done so far.

freshbites logo

As VP of IT I am in charge of creating and updating my company’s website. This was a little bit of a challenge at first since I have never created a website before and do not know coding. However my department found a webhost and made a pretty good website (If I do say so myself). The IT department is made up of one other member and me, but we work well together.

Fresh Bites has also made the social media sites the IT department’s reasonability. I created the twitter page (https://twitter.com/EatLearnSustain) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EatLearnSustain) and I update them every day. Things I update onto the site vary from where we are selling chocolate on campus (did I mention our product is sustainable chocolate?) to giving a Sustainable tip of the day.

It can be hard at times keeping up with everything I need to do for the sites, but since the website has been published (www.eatlearnsustain.com), my work load has gotten much lighter. There have been moments though when I have accidently posted things as the wrong person. Occasionally I post sustainable tips of the day as my own status but then fix it as quickly as possible. I guess that’s what I get for lack of sleep and not paying attention to what I am posting.

I may be one of the few to say this, but I personally love FME and the whole company idea. Fresh Bites is a great group of students and we all work very hard to make this company be great. There have been a couple of conflicts and I am sure there will be more to come, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

PS Feel free to check out our Facebook, Twitter and website. And like/follow us!!