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100 Days and Counting

So I don’t blog as often as I should or as others would like me to, but in this case today marks a very important day for me.

100 Days until Graduation.


I live for black and white pictures that add meaning to what wasn’t there already.

Where am I in my life? Unsure. Not to sound depressing, I am actually quite content with where I am in my career and with the possibilities that I have laid out before me. It’s just that I am still not sure which mysterious door I should choose. I have recently taken a liking to chatting with some of my co-workers who were in my position not too long ago as they advise me on the possibilities that they see for my life and the awesome things they hope to see me doing.

What they are really doing is reinforcing my determination to be great as Babson has trained me to be. I am surrounded by amazing examples of what opportunities lie ahead for me: my best-friend has been accepted to 5 law schools (and counting) with scholarships, one of my suite mates has one of the coolest jobs I’ve heard of with Anheuser-Busch, another friend has a job with what I would equate to the real world version of Stark Industries.  ( see below for clarification)

Iron Man aka Tony Stark aka Owner of Stark Industries

I have great examples for what I can achieve now, and its also comforting to know that I’m not the only person without a clue in the world. I’ll figure it out, but why worry? Senior year still has quite a few things to offer me!  More connections, more memories, more things to talk about when I come back for reunions, and more bits of wisdom that I can try to pass on to whoever is willing to listen to me. With my work in Admissions and my work with our dance team, I will definitely not have time to sit idly while other people are off doing cool things.

So with that, I’ll keep you all posted, because I only have…

100 days and counting.