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Semester Abroad: Babson BRIC

Back from BRIC.  Back to Babson. Don’t get me wrong I missed this campus, the people and classes, but my abroad experience was like no other. Going to Russia, China and India as part of the Babson BRIC program was truly one of the best experiences of my life!

So a quick rundown for those that don’t know about BRIC. The BRIC program is a Babson Co-sponsored Study Abroad program that spans three months in Russia, China and India. Along with nineteen other students, I was fortunate enough to visit many historical landmarks, prominent business leaders and booming cities all while taking classes tailored around why these countries are truly the place to do business in the world today.

If that’s not exciting enough, the thought that I lived a month within three diverse cultures, people and countries still gives me nostalgia to this day.

People always ask me what country was your favorite and I find myself giving a new answer every week! BRIC was the program for me but my main advice to you is that regardless of where you choose to go abroad, go abroad!

DSC01223   BRIC2