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My favorite “non-holiday that Americans take as a real holiday anyway” is hands-down Super Bowl Sunday. As a loyal member of Pats Nation, having them play this past Sunday would have only made my fake holiday better. Usually, Tom Brady can do no wrong in my book, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t blame him for losing the playoff game to those yoga pants wearing Ravens a couple weeks back… Okay, but back to the Super Bowl before I give myself a heart attack thinking back to that last game.

Like I was saying, Super Bowl Sunday is a cherished holiday in this country. Even though we all had homework to do, we (well most of us) budgeted our time and got our work done before 6:30 hit on Sunday night. All over campus, people were huddled into dorm rooms and suite common rooms, surrounded by mountains of wings, chips and other Super Bowl approved food items ready to watch the Harbaugh brothers duke it out in the ultimate family battle. Side Note: if a reality TV show airs based on the never ending family drama about this game, don’t be surprised.

I’m a pretty big football fan, so I couldn’t miss the Super Bowl completely just because my boys weren’t playing. And I couldn’t bring myself to root for the Baltimore Ravens, so I went with my next best option- the San Francisco 49ers. My friends and I decided to skip out on the whole “cooking for ourselves” thing and decided to stop by our on campus Pub where our Student Government was hosting a Super Bowl Party for all of campus. Our Student Government (or SGA as we call them for short) does this event every year, but I had never been before. Lemme tell yah, it was packed with people from every grade. SGA bought us a crazy amount of  wings and mac & cheese and salad. Not quite sure who decided that salad is one of those Super Bowl approved foods, it’s definitely not. But it was there and people ate it so I guess that’s like a thing now?  I’m pretty sure Doug, the guy who runs Pub, had to refill the popcorn machine at least 3 times just within the first half….SGA was giving out free drink tickets so those over 21 could grab some beers at the bar in true Super Bowl fashion and those under 21 could get some soda, which was much needed because those wings were super spicy.


One of my favorite things about the night was that the wristbands Babo (that’s what we call our campus police) was giving out to those over 21 were either red, if you were rooting for the 49ers, or purple, if you were rooting for the Ravens. Or in my friend’s case, purple because she was rooting for Beyonce. Speaking of Beyonce, she killed the half-time show, as expected. Everyone in pub went wild when she finally came on stage.

My friends and I at Pub for the Super Bowl! Please excuse the obscene amount of food on our table....

My friends and I at Pub for the Super Bowl! Please excuse the obscene amount of food on our table….

And in true Babson fashion, whenever it went to commercial break, you’d hear murmurs from every direction analyzing the different aspects of whatever commercial had just aired. It was such a typical Babson moment, yet it made me chuckle every time I’d hear commentary about what someone liked or disliked about a commercial.  We were all big fans of that Taco Bell commercial with the old people though.

Well despite it being a sick game that went down to the wire, the 49ers lost. And I lost 10 bucks to my brother. When things started turning around for us after half time, I decided to shoot him a text betting him that the 49ers would win. Bad idea.  I’m never going to live that one down. But lesson learned- never bet with my brother about anything football related. And never bet on a team that’s not the Patriots.

Hopefully, next year the Pats will make it to the Super Bowl and I can enjoy my favorite fake holiday even more than this one. And I will definitely be stopping at Pub for some wings and maybe even some salad….

Who am I kidding. There will be zero salad involved in my next Super Bowl Sunday.