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The Campus Visit Experience – Part 3

I think it’s about time for a recap. Let’s see what we’ve learned together so far in this “Campus Visit Experience” segment. Well, together we have covered everything from the importance of the campus visit, most common visit types and the specific opportunities to visit Babson this Spring. Regardless of which visit appeals to you most, I strongly encourage you to get out there and explore the colleges/universities on your list. But don’t head out the door just yet! I thought you might also be interested in a handy-dandy checklist of “must-see” places to explore as you peruse campuses across the country or even, the world!



Once you make it to your campus visit, don’t call it a day without exploring these spots:


5_Students1Not all tours will necessarily take you inside a classroom, but be sure to seek one out and take a peek inside. Even if you don’t find one where a class is in session, it’s important to observe the set-up and determine if it would be conducive to your learning style. You can learn a lot from the structure of a classroom – Lecture style? Round table discussion? Flat rows with desks? Or perhaps, tiered stadium seating? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the technology available as well. You’ll be spending precious hours inside these rooms weekly, it’s vital to feel comfortable.


Residence Hall

The college/university you attend will be your “home away from home” for the next four years – so why wouldn’t you want to see a dorm room? You should, you must! It’s the same philosophy as exploring a classroom, you need to feel comfortable, so be sure to ask about student housing. Many schools may show rooms in upperclassmen housing, possibly suite-style/apartment-style living, which is great – but you’ll want to make sure to see buildings that first-year students live in. It’s great to know the housing options you have to look forward to, but first-year living should be your priority!

Student Center


 It’s a fact. Not all of your time will be spent in the classroom (although you will be working hard!); therefore, you’ll want to experience the atmosphere of the Student Center, or other “hang out” spots on campus including Library, Club/Organization Offices, etc. You’ll want to make sure that you explore features of campus that interest you! If you hope to continue dancing or acting, perhaps visit the theater. If you’re an athlete, the Fitness Center should be on your radar. Craft your pit stops around your interests.



Dining Hall

Ask around, I’m sure there is a favorite meal that students always look forward to in the dining hall. Every school has different options, traditions and perhaps multiple places to eat on campus. Why wait until you’re a student? While you’re visiting, taste the food, treat yourself! Another great idea is to take a look around and observe the students, keep your ears peeled to the conversation surrounding you. Can you see yourself here? If the opportunity presents itself, perhaps chat with a current student that you feel you may relate to. The best resource are those students living and breathing campus.

The City/Town

Although you’ll probably be on campus most of the time, take a drive through the neighborhoods surrounding campus, grab a meal in the city, meet for coffee at the local shop… explore the opportunities that are waiting for  you beyond campus!

Wellesley, MA Home of Babson

Wellesley, MA
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