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Stirring Up Global Change

What school would be crazy enough to give a group of nearly thirty students $3,000 and tell them to go start their own business—from start to finish—on their own, making their own decisions. Welcome to Babson College.

I am currently working as the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at MixItMug, a real-life, operational business, run by a class of first year college students at Babson. Our company sells self-stirring mugs to mix a wide variety of beverages and we sell these mugs online at our website www.mixitmug.com and on the Babson College campus. 100% of the profits of the company go to charity.  The charity selected by MixItMug is Engeye, www.engeye.org, an organization that supports education, business development, and health initiatives in rural Uganda.


Last Friday was a busy day for our business as we held two events on campus for the MixItMug company and Babson community. During the day class members worked on a community service project making survival bracelets to be given to children in rural Uganda to provide hope, inspiration, and strength to work to overcome the challenges they face as they try to obtain an education and succeed. In the evening we were fortunate to have a guest speaker all the way from rural Uganda (her first time in the United States!) speak about life in rural Uganda and the impact that Engeye has had on the community.  We also heard from a gentleman that just returned from spending 11 months in the community on a fellowship working for Engeye. They gave a presentation on the work of Engeye and life in rural Uganda and answered questions from a crowd of Babson students.

Brian Hickey speakers at Mix Of Uganda Event    MixItMug Uganda Event with Guests

This experience exemplified the amazing opportunities available at Babson College and the ability that we at MixItMug have to make a real global impact. After seeing the presentation and hearing from our speakers we were inspired to work even harder to make change. This is an opportunity to not only get hands on business experience but also to make a real and lasting difference in a community a world away and I’m excited to take advantage of this opportunity.

To learn more about MixItMug or purchase your own mug, please visit our website: www.mixitmug.com, Facebook Page: Facebook.com/MixItMug, or follow us on Twitter: @MixItMug