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Bouncing Around Barcelona

Hello again!
As I mentioned in my last post a couple of months ago, I am currently studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Since my experiences have been incredible, I thought it would be nice to update you with occasional blog updates. I am living in a residencia, apartment-style living for Spanish and international students. This is a picture of my room. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring printout pictures of my friends and family, so my walls are barren. However, the view from outside my window is incredible. I am about six blocks away from La Sagrada Familia. My next post will be about La Sagrada Familia, since it is my favorite landmark that I have ever seen!


I am studying on a program called CIEE Barcelona: Business and Culture. This program allows me to take an international business course with local Spanish students at one of the best universities in the city. Additionally I take Spanish language and culture courses at the CIEE study center with other American students. I have already met so many local students and learned many different cultural norms. I cannot wait to share these with you. Thank you for reading my updates! I hope you are enjoying your semester as much as I am and a wonderful new year!