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Did ya miss me?

It’s been a while. I haven’t blogged since…. well my first introductory blog.
Right after I posted that first blog, I managed to lose the link that brought me to the log in page which explains my absence. Apologies. I know you’ve all missed me dearly.
But now I’m back! Both on the blog and on campus after a longgggg winter break (don’t worry, I book marked the log in page this time so that you will never have to go through as much suffering as I put you all through last time without my constant blogs).

Now I’m about to get real cheesy. Bear with me. This isn’t something I do often. Once in a blue moon type of thing.

When you come back to campus after any break, the first thing everyone is going to ask you is, “How was your break?” Even though I’ve been back for a week, it’s still a question that keeps popping up. And even though we all enjoyed our time off to catch up on some sleep and obsess over new TV series (for me it was Suits and Nikita), every time I ask someone that unavoidable question, I get the same response “It was too long”. Which is weird. As college students you’d think that we couldn’t be happier to have some time off to relax and maybe even manage to get out of bed some days. I moved right after graduating high school, so maybe it’s just me, but home doesn’t quite feel like home anymore. Sure, my real family is there- my mom, dad, brother and dogs. But my Babson family isn’t. And after spending so much time with them, it just doesn’t feel quite right without them. Living in a suite with my 5 best friends, I couldn’t stand not being able to shout down the hallway for them to come hang out with me when I’m procrastinating getting my work done. It made me anxious that my inbox was not being flooded with emails 24/7. I constantly felt like I needed to be doing something

I missed the hustle and bustle of Babson. How everything moves a million miles an hour. How things get thrown at you and you just bounce back, instantly. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to grasp how we all manage to balance out our incredibly busy lives. But now, I can’t imagine my life being any different.

Today as I power walked in the freezing cold from my web technologies class to Reynolds, grabbed a to go salad, and bolted to work without being late, I couldn’t have been any happier to be back at my real home.