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Just submitted..now what???

It’s January 18-just over 2 weeks since the Regular Decision deadline, and that virtual tidal wave that was
incoming application materials, now looks more like a gentle ripple. This was no small feat considering
that we surpassed 6,000 applications-a Babson first (Congratulations, applicants for becoming a part of Babson history!)

Not to say that we’re completely done processing yet. Just like it took you time to gather all the various
pieces of the application together, it takes us time to assemble and read them as well. So, don’t panic if
you log into your MyBabson portal and only 2 of 3 of your recommendations are listed even though your
counselor swears that everything was sent together. Chances are it is here, but has not been processed

That being said, I completely understand how you feel. I am also that person who habitually checks and
double checks that something has been received. I think Amazon may just remove the package tracking
feature from my account (no Courtney, your Homeland box set is STILL in Charlotte, just like it was 15
minutes ago). So you have to trust me when I tell you, relax. You’ve applied to college.


But for those of you who hit the send button and think “what do I do now?”, next week I’ll provide
some ideas on how you can stay connected to Babson between now and when decisions are released in

PS I’m very excited to announce that we have a brand new Babson Undergraduate Admission page on
Facebook (just hours old!) Be sure to visit and like us (and thank Tommaso for doing such a great job
putting it together.