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The Campus Visit Experience – Part 1

Spring will be here before you know it and many high schools allow juniors the opportunity to take excused absences from school in order to make some of their first college visits, or perhaps you take advantage of weekend visits with your family. Either way, certainly take advantage of any and all opportunities you have to visit college campuses. But before you hop in your car, buy your train ticket, or book your flight, let’s take a look at why the campus visit is so important…

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Why visit?

Research has shown that the campus visit is the #1 deciding factor in choosing a college/university. If you really think about it, this statistic makes sense because there is no better way to understand a school than to see it for yourself and to take in all of the elements. In this day and age of technology, many prospective students will rely on a college’s website or viewbook to make important decisions on where to apply and even enroll. Don’t get me wrong, both are fantastic tools,  but the truth is, you will never get “that feeling” without setting foot on campus yourself. I’m sure you know what feeling I’m talking about, the one you see in the movies when a character steps onto a campus, cue the sultry music, the panoramic view of campus, the flood of emotion, etc. While Hollywood makes millions off of scenes like these, the feeling exists, trust me. Most people can’t explain it. It’s a unique phenomenon that I truly hope happens to every student.

A campus visit allows you the chance to explore parts of the institution not featured in your online research or read about in publications. The most essential part of the campus visit is the opportunity to interact and speak with members of the community including: admission staff, current students, faculty members, etc. By speaking with those people who “live” the college experience everyday on campus, you get the best understanding of whether or not a school is right for you.

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