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A “Normal” Day?

Happy Friday!

Do any of you have those kinds of weeks where your alarm goes off and you wonder “Where am I supposed to be today?” That happens to me all the time. Most days, I get up, feed the puppy (this morning she fed herself a healthy serving of cottage cheese she knocked off the counter) and head to my office in Babson Park for the day. Other days I’m able to work from home so I can quietly read applications and wear my warm Babson sweatshirt instead of my usual work appropriate attire-it kind of feels like a Pandora fueled study hall. And then there is my travel that so far has taken me to meet prospective students in Hawaii, Canada, New York, and Maine (random, I know).

This week, I did all of the above. Most notably, I just returned from a Junior Night in Yarmouth, Maine, where I spoke to prospective members of the Class of 2018 and their parents about building a balanced application list. As I addressed the somewhat nervous looking crowd (the parents looked more freaked out than the students) it hit me that just as we welcomed 6,000+ applications for the Class of 2017 (a Babson record-more on that soon!) it’s also time to start thinking about who will apply for 2018. That’s kind of cool.

So for the next few months, not only will I find myself in a few different places (tomorrow I head to Tampa, and then Dallas in February), but in any given morning I may be reading an application from a senior from Toronto and by afternoon meeting a family from California who are just starting their Boston area college tour. And let’s not forget that our current students get back from break next week, so there will be a lot of catching up on all the adventures that have gone on over the past month.

Have I mentioned yet that I love my job?

PS-I’m still looking for future blog topics! What do you want to talk about?