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Understanding the Defer Decision

As January begins to fully unfold in the Office of Undergraduate Admission here at Babson, not only is our staff in the midst of reading Regular Decision applications, but we are also revisiting and reevaluating Early Action Applicants who were deferred to Regular Decision. With the New Year already upon us, I think this is a great time to answer the age-old question:


In order to provide a full understanding of what it means to be a defer, I’d like to explain the thought behind the decision first. When an applicant receives a defer decision during Early Action, the Babson Admission Staff is acknowledging the applicant’s potential for success at Babson; however, in a highly competitive admission process (the most competitive in Babson’s history!), we want to have the most recent academic and extra-curricular information in our hands in order to make the best decision for the applicant and for Babson.  A student who receives a defer decision at Early Action will have their application reviewed again with the Regular Decision applicants in the context of our entire applicant pool.


  • Fight senioritis. It is essential that you stay focused during the second semester of your senior year. Be sure not to let your grades slip and make smart decisions both inside and outside the classroom. The mid-year grades we receive for all students who have been deferred are crucial to our final decision process. Our staff is looking for upward progress, so keep up the great work!
  • Send new credentials. All students who were deferred Early Action will have until February 15th to send us new credentials which could include 1st semester grades, new test scores, recent honors/award, etc.
  • Voice your interest and stay connected. Without a doubt the most important thing you can do as a defer (outside of excelling in the classroom) is to express your continued interest to attend Babson. The most powerful way to voice your passion for Babson is to write a letter to the Committee on Admission outlining in detail your continued interest in Babson. It says a lot to our committee when a deferred student outlines why they deserve to be a Babson Beaver next Fall.
  • Consider January G.A.P. The January G.A.P. (Grow. Achieve. Prepare.) enrollment option allows students to explore and pursue their passions by participating in a “gap semester” in the fall, while still allowing them to stay on track to complete their college degrees in four years. In addition to the 470 students that Babson enrolls each fall, Babson also enrolls 40 first-year students who begin their studies in January as part of the G.A.P. cohort. These students have the same academic experience as those who enter in September. If you are interested in being considered for enrollment at Babson through January G.A.P., you should include this interest in any additional communication you send our office. This is a fantastic option for students, it is certainly worth considering. For more information on January G.A.P. please click the link provided above.

With all that said, please keep in mind that all final decisions will be made no later than April 1st. As always, our staff is dedicated to helping you! If you have questions about the defer decision, please don’t hesitate to call the Office of Admission at Babson (800-488-3695) to speak with an Admission Counselor. We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions in more detail and let you know what to expect. Best of luck!