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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are powerful things. As of January 1, they make the gym fill to capacity, (leaving me with only a broken spin bike in a dusty corner), the organic vegetable section of the grocery store gets noticeably more crowded than Taco Bell, and I suddenly begin to notice a surge in Rosetta Stone ads (I really do need to learn Spanish one of these days).

In fact,  as I work on this blog, I’m watching a news report about apps that will help you achieve your resolution. I’m a big fan of Nike+.

Even if you don’t keep every (or any) resolutions (it’s amazing how many free treadmills there are by MLK Day),  I kind of like starting the year with goals-a clean slate before it’s time to hunker down and read applications. So what is my resolution this year? This is it.

See, I was supposed to start blogging last September, when I first arrived at Babson as the new Director of Admission. It seemed like a great idea-share what it’s like to be at a new college-much like many of you will be experiencing very soon. I actually had a few blogs ready to go in my head. But somehow 3 months flew by (having a new puppy at home didn’t help) and no amount of “ gentle reminders” from my staff (I’m looking at you, Tommaso!) helped me sit down and get all of my firsts at Babson into a blog.

But it’s a new year and I’m going to do it..but I need your help to help me stay on track. Over the next admissions cycle I want to talk about the aspects of admissions that concern you as you start to think about things like: What happens when you actually click submit on your application? Who reads my essays? Do I really sign all of the admit letters? (I do!). Why Babson? What is entrepreneurship, anyway? Are the winters in Boston really that bad? (they really aren’t, but I’m from Maine, so grain of salt). I may even continue to mention the puppy from time to time (I can’t help it).


What do you want to hear more about?


Happy New Year!