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Growing up, my mom always told me, “The early bird catches the worm.” She’s right. There is certainly something to be said for being early. You might be able to beat the holiday traffic this weekend, or snag a better seat for the New Year’s Eve Fireworks, but let’s be honest. Perfection is impossible. Our lives operate at such high speeds and pull us in so many different directions that things are bound to get put on the back burner and slip our minds. Life happens. If you’re a high school senior who is sick and tired of filling out college applications, you’re probably dancing to this exact tune right now. But heed my advice and don’t quit on me just yet – you’ve still got time… to apply to Babson!

The truth is that it makes no difference in Admission when you submit your application. Babson’s Regular Decision Deadline is January 1st, but we will never know the difference between an application submitted weeks ago and an application submitted moments before the clock strikes midnight. With that being said, I am by no means promoting procrastination. So juniors, if you’re listening, don’t use this post as an excuse to push off your own applications next year. The sooner your start the process, the better. Just ask your senior friends!

As an early gift, I’ve provided the most essential links, a tweet of advice from a current Babson student and some background music to get you started on your RD Application, or in some cases, help you finish. No matter where you are in the process, I encourage you to hang in there and endure the final leg of the race to the deadline. Don’t throw in the towel just yet, Babson is waiting for you!

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