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The End Is Near!

It seems like just yesterday when I moved into the chi omega tower, and all of a sudden it’s the week before finals! Ironically, this week is busier for me that next week with finals will be. I have 3 final presentations to deliver this week, which has led to some lengthy group meetings and practices.

One thing I love about this week, is that I finally get to show my professors all of the hard work I have done this semester. Yesterday I gave a presentation on potentially re-branding and re-positioning PacSun for my Consumer Behavior class. This morning I gave another presentation explaining the similarities and differences between Anheuser Busch and Diageo’s supply chain management and IT systems for Supply Chain Management, and tomorrow I have to deliver a presentation pitching a potential re design of J Crew’s store design and layout at their Legacy Place location for Retail Management. Never a dull moment at Babson!

With all of this work, it can be quite stressful–but not only do you typically get to choose the companty you are analyzing for final presentations, but these opportunities also show you how much you have truly learned in only a semester! Before college, I never thought I would get the opportunity to analyze a company’s supply chain, pitch a re branding initiative or suggest a new store design and layout! But at Babson anything is possible, and you can truly find your passions both in and out of the classroom.