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Crutches at College

Everyone that has ever been hurt knows that being on crutches is not fun. I have been on them once before, and I can honestly say nothing is worse than being on crutches at college. Babson is a small campus, so all the students walk to get from point A to point B. This was originally something I liked about the campus; however it can be a curse when injured. Besides the obvious issue of not being able to walk, there are many other things that I took for granted when I could walk. Carrying food around the dining hall for one. You can not do that while on crutches. It has been rough, but I am getting used to the crutches and my support systems have been helping me get through it.

I hurt my knee a month ago during swim practice. While diving off the blocks I felt a pop and went to the trainer immediately after. After various doctors’ appointments with x-rays and a MRI, it has been concluded I have Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD in the knee). This long word means that there is a lesion in my knee and I have to get surgery. Unfortunately this means I am out for the rest of the swim season. When I first here the news of being out the rest of the season I was devastated. There is no way I could have made it through this without my team and sisters.

My team has been very supportive of me though I am not swimming and have gone over and beyond to help me any way I need it. I am not only getting help from my team, but my sisters too. My sorority, Sigma Kappa, has some of the most amazing women in it. The amount of love I get from these girls is incredible.


These women have been my rock the past month. Whether it is carrying my food at trim, driving me to appointments or giving me a shoulder to cry on, I know I can count on them. They are here for me for the good and the bad which is why I love them all so greatly.

This type of love and support does not have to come from a sorority. I get the same thing from my team as well. As long as there are people in your life while away at college that support you, you can get through anything. I know I have.