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#Babson everywhere

One of my favorite things about Babson outside of the classroom is all of the fun groups and organizations we have to get involved in. Moreover–all of the events on campus that the clubs and organizations put on throughout the year! When I came to Babson, I hit the ground running–busy from day one. I was worried that I would miss out on  the fun events throughout the week with everything I had on my plate, but that was far from the case. Babson students are great at promoting upcoming events so everyone on campus knows about them.

Event flyers are not only plastered all over campus, but we spread the word through social media platforms and of course–chalking.


Under the archway between Reynolds Campus Center and Sorenson Theatre is the “hot” spot to “chalk” for events on campus because everyone walks through during the course of a day! I took this picture the day of my sorority’s philanthropy event, chihop.


At Babson, we know a thing or two about social media–and we love to celebrate it…in every way possible.


From the fall recruitment shirts for the Greek Community (#BabsonGreeks)


And these were the shirts CAB (Campus Activity Board) was giving away! The writing glows in the dark!

From chalking to tee shirts and cookies, we hashtag and promote events on social media to get the word out about a variety of events.

Moral of the story–we love to hashtag!