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Externships: Invaluable Experience and Networking

It’s starting to feel like winter once again here at Babson College; this also means that it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of your winter break. Of course, sleeping in and eating lots of delicious food should always be included in your plans, but the lack of homework and exams gives you plenty of time to plan your next career step. And what better way than to gain real industry experience through an externship! Don’t know what an externship is or how to find one? Don’t worry because UGCCD is here to help you out.

An externship is an opportunity for students to “job-shadow” an individual or group of individuals at their place of employment from one to five days time.  This is an incredible opportunity to observe professions on the job, learn more about a specific profession, or experience the environment of a particular industry in general. An externship is also a unique and strong networking opportunity; the professionals you shadow might hold the key to advice just right for your personal career or can connect you with possible internship and job leads. If anything, first-hand experience of this nature will help you become more aware of what you specifically want to, or don’t want to, do with your next career move.

Here are some more facts about externships offered through UGCCD:

  • They are a non-credit experience and will not be graded.
  • There is no fee to participate in an externship.
  • They will take place over 1-5 days during the period of Jan. 3rd– Jan. 18th, 2013
  • You must be a first year, sophomore, or junior to apply.
What are some of the typical activities that you’ll experience during an externship?
  • Typical Activities of an Externship
  • Sit in on company staff meetings
  •  Complete office tasks or assist with projects
  • Conduct informational interviews of both professional and administrative staff
  •  Observe client interactions
  •  Observe functions and duties of a particular career
  •  Review organization’s mission/vision statement and organizational charts
  •  Understand office policies and procedures
  •  Review current trends in the profession
  •  Explore potential career paths within the organization and the profession
Here’s how to apply:
  • The deadline to apply is this Monday, November 12, 2012 by midnight!
  • Apply via Babson Career Connections with an updated resume: Search Spring Internship > Externship January 2013.
  • Complete survey application. Includes logistics and brief essay questions: How will participating in this externship experience support your career development? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

While UGCCD is intent on placing as many students into externship programs as possible, it never hurts to seek out an externship on your own. If accepted, you will attend a mandatory orientation session in December. Don’t miss out on this fanstastic resume-building, experiential, and networking opportunity; it will certainly give you a jumpstart into your spring semester!