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Applying Early to Babson?

Happy November to all the high school seniors out there!

If you are a student applying early to some of your top choice schools (hopefully Babson!) your current lifestyle probably consists of the following: running on minimal sleep, practically living in your guidance counselor’s office, chasing after teachers to make sure recommendations are in and wondering how many more supplemental essays you have to write until you’re done! Well, the end is near – especially if you have decided to apply Early Decision or Early Action to Babson College.

As our staff begins to embark on the 2012-2013 “Reading Season” here at Babson, we came up with a checklist of things all Early Applicants should be mindful of. Are you ready?

1. Early Deadline Extension. Due to the Hurricane, the Early Decision/Early Action Deadlines have been extended until MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5th. Candidates who are still unable to submit their application by this date should contact us at 800-488-3696 or 781-239-5522 to discuss a further extension.

2. Pay attention to your time zone. Your ED/EA application must be submitted by 11:59 PM according to the time zone in which you reside. Keep an eye on the clock!

3. A valid email address is a must. The email address you supply on your application is imperative to the Babson Admission Process. Why? Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you should receive an email with credentials for your My Babson Account. This account allows all applicants to view which documents Babson has received and which we are still waiting for.

4. Be patient! Over the next few weeks our office will be bombarded with application documents; therefore, kindly allow 2-5 days for materials to appear “received” on your My Babson. Below you will find a sample view of My Babson Portal.

5. Create a DEFINE YOU Profile. On your My Babson Portal, you will see a link saying, “It’s time to DEFINE YOU.” What exactly is this? Babson has created a Define You Website which allows all Babson applicants to create profiles, connect with potential future classmates, and learn more about cultivating your interests at Babson. It’s a great way to get some good conversation rolling, so once you apply, don’t forget to check out this new experience for applicants at http://defineyou.babson.edu/.



Well, it’s official. Now you have everything you need to know in order to submit your ED/EA Babson Application. What’s left to do? Press that SUBMIT button and stay tuned for an inside look on what happens after you press SUBMIT.