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Cabin Fever

It began Sunday evening. All of the students received an email from the school informing us that classes were cancelled for Monday. Thank you Hurricane Sandy! However, upon waking up Monday morning, I heard loud winds whipping my window. My RA called an emergency meeting where she informed us that the entire campus was to close and we were advised to stay inside until further notice. Babson dining staff did an amazing job ensuring that we had enough food to take back to our rooms with us for lunch and dinner.

Since I was stuck inside all day, all of my residence hall mates and I watched Friends and Modern Family re-runs! It was amazing to take a step back from school work, internship applications, and work to just relax! I started feeling the Cabin Fever about halfway through the day. It is nice to be able to step outside again! I am so grateful that we did not lose power and that everyone at Babson is safe. My heart goes out to those in places that were hit harder. Thank you to Public Safety, the Crisis Response Team, the rest of the administration, and Babson RAs for working endless hours to keep us safe!

One of the many trees that fell down in the storm