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Summer in London, Fall at Babson

This past summer, I spent 2 months studying at the London School of Economics, working at one of the largest financial institutions in the US, and living in the city of London.  My summer in London was, without doubt, the best two months of my life, and seeing the summer Olympics while in London didn’t hurt that either.  I never imagined that I would learn or grow as much as I did.  It goes without saying but the culturally-rich experiences, global exposure, and knowledge gained was unfathomable.  The trip was definitely one of the most influential events of my life as I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth.  This study abroad experience marked an exciting new chapter of my life.

In mid-August, I returned back to the real place I call home, Babson, for the start of my junior year.  Just two short months into my junior year and I have already begun my internship search for next summer, connecting with Babson alumni from around the US and across several international borders as well.  It never ceases to amaze me how remarkable Babson and its community are.  Babson is filled with creative and innovative minds, all of which are eager to make an impact in the business world around them and support one another. My summer in London was all possible because of the connections formed by Babson, a network that continually seeks to pursue the entrepreneurial vision of developing opportunities.  In addition, some of the leads I have made on my internship search are a direct result from the relationships I have developed with Babson alumni.  I’m proud to represent the Babson brand and support developing business leaders from Babson in the future.  This is my Babson.