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Friends and Family Weekend!

As you all know, this weekend was Friends and Family Weekend.  Although my Mom and Dad could not make it, I invited my sister who attends Northeastern University. There were so many events that  I didn’t have any free time.  I started of my morning running for charity at the Cruikshank walk.When my sister arrived we attended the Family and Friends Backyard Barbecue;  the food was delicious. Not that I don’t enjoy regular trim food, but this food was spectacular. Afterwards, I gave her a tour of our campus and she thought it was beautiful , especially with the leaves turning yellow and red. It was funny because she found it odd that I knew so many people on campus. At her school there are so many students that you don’t get the same intimate feeling, so that was interesting for her  to see how much of a close-knit atmosphere Babson has. Later on that day, we attended “Noises Off” a play within a play by Michael Frayn and preformed by “The Babson Players”. It was hilarious , I learned a lot about sardines and doors ( you’ll only get it if you attended the play 😛 ) Who knew business students had so much talent? After attending cabaret the night before and then attending noises off the nest day, the stereotype of business professionals being untalented was quickly put to rest. To end our weekend , we attended Casino Night at Knight Auditorium courtesy of  Babson Community Activities Board (CAB). My sister and I both learned how to play stud poker. We also learned that if we ever play poker in the future , we should  continue using fake money. Overall, this weekend was #DAMgood! It was nice to see Babson offering fun events and activities for our families and friends. It was also good that this weekend was not limited to parents like at most other schools; we were allowed to bring our friends too. I can’t wait to tell you how Halloween at Babson  goes, should be fun too.