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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Admission Interview Advice (Part #3)

So we’ve chatted about PREPARATION tips and questions YOU should consider asking in your Admission Interview; however, I know what you’re really waiting for…questions that might be asked OF you. I can sense your anticipation all the way from Iselin, New Jersey and yet, I’m going to hold you in suspense just a few minutes longer for another anecdote from travel. It’s a fun one…

While sitting in the waiting room at Perth Amboy High School, I was very impressed by the decor of the College Counseling Lounge. Surrounded by school banners and flyers, my eyes were drawn to this hand-crafted poster below. As children, we probably all had Dr. Seuss tales read to us, but did we ever stop to think about what he was really saying? Let’s apply this tale to the College Search Process.

As a young adult, when I step back from the rhymes, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is incredibly inspirational, while maintaining an important degree of honesty. Yes you will go through hardship, stress, perils, confusion, maybe even loneliness during the College Search Process, but ultimately you will get through it and survive. I’m confident that as long as you put the effort in, you will find the right “fit” school for you. Again, what is Hannah trying to tell me here? Dare to dream! Take a chance! Apply to that college or university that you’re debating about “waisting your time on,” or face your fears and go for that Admission Interview. Whatever the case may be, dare to achieve and better yet, dare to succeed. Don’t get stuck in Dr. Seuss’s “The Waiting Place” full of indecision, where time ceases to pass. Dr. Seuss wants you to take action, he wants you to go for it, “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed).”

Thank you Dr. Seuss! Now we’re confident and ready to face the challenges of the College Search Process, particularly the challenging questions asked in an Admission Interview. Let’s tackle some questions that might be asked of you at Babson:

  • How did you first become interested in business?
  • What area of business holds the greatest interest for you?
  • What do you find most attractive about Babson?
  • What is your favorite high school class so far?
  • How would you describe yourself as a leader?
  • How have you spent your summers and free time during the school year?
  • What is your favorite extracurricular activity and why?
  • What is the one characteristic you hope stands out on your application?

Thanks for tuning into my Admission Interview Advice Series!