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Not Your Average Career Seminar: Register for iChoose Today!

You probably came to Babson because you are interested in entrepreneurship or business in general. Maybe you even developed an interest in a particular field before or during your time at Babson. However, do you know exactly what you want to do after graduation? You might want to enter the finance or marketing industry, but do you know what you want your job title to be?

That’s where the iChoose Seminar comes in. This career seminar is an essential part of the discover phrase within UGCCD’s career development framework.  Before we dive into the benefits that this unique seminar offers, here are some important  logistical facts to know:

  • The seminar is free and all undergraduates (who have not already taken it) can sign up!
  • This semester’s seminar takes place on November 9th from 1-4 pm.
  • It takes place at the Babson Executive Conference Center (you’ll love the snacks they serve there).
  • There is a short reception after the seminar complete with refreshments.
  • Upon completion you’ll become an official iChoose member!
  • The dead-line to sign up is November 7th by midnight, but don’t worry…it’s easy to sign up via Career Connections (instructions further below).

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about the foundation of the iChoose Seminar: Passion. The goal of the iChoose Seminar is to help each individual participant find the optimal intersection between their personal passions, talents, and skills. iChoose will help you to identify and make the most out of your strengths and resources so you can leave with an organized career strategy. Careful and strategical planning is an essential component of any career strategy. iChoose supplies you with this crucial tool of preparation; you’ll thank yourself for being prepared in the long-run and your interviewer will certainly notice it too.  However, iChoose isn’t just like any career seminar. It’s personal. If you don’t think that personal passion should be take priority in your career search, iChoose will make you think again.

Once you complete the iChoose seminar, you’ll be an official member. Membership comes with some awesome perks including networking opportunities and reoccurring semester meetings that are complete with refreshments and individualized career help.

How to Sign Up:

  • Log into Career-Connections through the Babson Portal under the Career Center Section
  • Click on the “Jobs and Internships” tab and select the sub-category “Career Center Postings”
  • Select “Fall Semester Internship” as the position type and search with the keywords “iChoose Seminar”
  • You’ll find the November 9th iChoose Seminar as a posting
  • Submit your resume and apply!

Find out what happens when your passions and your career are on the same path. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity; sign up today!