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Life in Shanghai

It is impossible to verbalize the wonder of Shanghai. There has never been a dull moment since we have arrived here. From the river cruise to exploring the bund, Shanghai always has something to do or see. In addition to the sightseeing, we are also meeting with various professionals to learn about the opportunities here in China. One interesting visit that we recently had was with the Shanghai Donghai Wind Power Company. As part of its five-year plan, China looks to increase the production of renewables; therefore, the government has aided this company to build various wind farms throughout mainland China. We went to an offshore wind farm which was near the Donghai Bridge. It was breathtaking to look out at the ocean and see various wind turbines with the wind nearly blowing us over.
The great thing about BRIC is that we get to see and take part in so much. Generally after a long day of class and business visits, we will go exploring. A group of friends and I went and had dinner in Xin Tian Di, an area of China for shopping and entertainment. We had dinner at a place called Element Fresh. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed the cool breeze. After dinner, we had desert at Haagen Dazs (a huge hit here in China) and decided to go to the Bund. We all love this area because it is a great atmosphere and has a beautiful view. The skyline of Pudong is seen from the Bund and is shown in this picture.
We were not in Shanghai this past weekend because we went to Yiwu and Hangzhou. Our next blog will be on our experiences and sights from this these two cities. .