Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


Pardon my adaptation to a childish reference but I think it was well deserved here. I was recently accepted to travel to London this winter for my offshore program with Babson. Two weeks of intensive theater and I am absolutely stoked. Many people would be stoked about the city, not to say that I’m not stoked about that, but I am more stoked about being able to see some friends who I haven’t seen in ages. As part of the application process one of the questions brought of being “global citizen” and I’ve heard that term one or two times too many to not have developed some form of definition and way to apply it to my life.

The term global citizen really hits home for me as a Babson student when I am on breaks from school and I consider all of the directions and time zones that I am aware of in order to keep in contact with my friends. It’s absurd! This person is online at 7am when its 7pm my time, while this person is on at 3pm my time so I should try to be around then. It somewhat mindboggling but at the same time i manage it well because of the importance that I place on maintaining those relationships and that I am no longer only affecting my immediate surroundings. As a part of the Babson community I graduated to being a person from Baltimore and in my new community of 2000 students to being a person concerned with the affairs of Asian, South America and Africa.

When I sit back and think about that as I prepare to travel again, that question will hopefully pop again and hopefully it pops up for you.