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Shanghai River Cruise

Walking from the Bund to the Shanghai River Cruise provided me with the opportunity to witness the beautiful sights of Shanghai’s riverside. As I walked along the pier I saw the modern skyscrapers to my right and Western European architectural buildings to my left. Looking at this contrast reminded me of the complexity of Chinese history especially Shanghai. They were both representatives of Shanghai’s past and present. You could see the imperial influence in the stone buildings and the modern prosperity in the skyscrapers. It made me curious to know more about their culture and how they were able to transition from a country with heavy western control to gaining fuel back into their economy. When I finally reached the Shanghai River cruise it was had turned dark outside. The lights from the skyscrapers, bridges, buildings, and posts were lighting the river. The most beautiful skylines I have ever witnessed. The BRIC group began to take pictures against its back drop. It was truly a Kodak moment. We were all laughing, bonding, breaking off into private conversations, taking Shanghai’s beauty in. As we were snacking on bananas and moon cakes; the lights danced off our faces and made us believe anything was possible. We all knew that we would never be in that space or time again with one another. So we enjoyed it, as the wind hits our faces, I saw people reflect, I saw love, I saw change, new friendships, new hopes, new dreams, and new beginnings. And I realized this is what BRIC is all about. Opening yourself to new people and experiences, letting these countries and cities touch your heart. And when we arrived back at the dock, I wondered what else does Shanghai have in store for me and my fellow BRICERS.