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Let The Games Begin!

It’s that time of year again–Homecoming!

This weekend we had Homecoming Games, a series of games and activities that students can form teams to participate in.

Every year the sororities and fraternities team up to try to come out on top as Homecoming King and Queen!

My sorority, Chi Omega teamed up with one of the fraternities–Delta Tau Delta for the games, to be “The Football Team Babson Never Had”.

All of the teams made t-shirts, and these are what ours looked like…

We had a blast!

First, we played a series of games in PepsiCo, everything from basket ball to dodgeball and tug of war.


All the teams had so much enthusiasm!

Friday night, we had a karaoke competition which was a blast! Our team sang Single Ladies by Beyonce, and watching three guys try to learn the Single Ladies dance was QUITE entertaining.

Saturday was the Babson Spirit Contest and Homecoming King and Queen were announced.

Even though our team did not win, we had a great time designing our t-shirts, hanging out with friends, competing in the games, eating yummy food from the BBQ’s all around campus, and even going rock climbing!