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A Home Baked Treat

While eating in Trim Dining Hall and Reynolds is delicious, it is nice to mix food options up every so often. I mentioned to my sorority sister Allie that I missed my mother’s healthy baked treats on nights I had to stay up late to study. To my surprise, I returned home from Horn Library at midnight, and found on my desk a plate of delicious Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins Allie had baked for me. While my residence hall kitchen does not have an oven, the building across the way has one that Allie used. Campus is relatively small, so it is about a thirty second walk from our residence hall to the one with the oven. Every Babson student has access to these facilities. so it is not a rare case to smell deliciously baked meals in the residence halls. It is always refreshing to be reminded of the comforts of a home cooked meal, as I walk through the residence halls and often smell deliciously baked meals.

“Homemade” Delicious Study Treats