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Hi guys!

My name is Josefa Riveros and I’m a junior here at Babson, which basically means I’m just about old enough to retire. This is my first blog post and hopefully  it’ll shed a little light onto life at Babson. If I’m really lucky, maybe it’ll provide you with some entertainment as well. But that may be a bit of a struggle.

Alright, so a little about myself. Welllllllll originally my family is from Chile. My parents moved to the US so that my dad could get his MBA and they ended up loving it and staying. I’m from West Nyack, New York-born and raised. It’s a suburb of the city so like a 3o minute drive  if you disregard speed limits and don’t hit traffic.  I’ve done it before, however, I don’t think I could say it happens very frequently….The summer after my senior year of high school, we moved to Darien, CT which is a precious little waterfront town on the coast of Connecticut. The moving trucks came the day after I left for freshman orientation so I had actually never been to my house until Thanksgiving break.  It’s a really nice place to live, I just wish I knew people there so that I could enjoy it more!  But such is life. I have a younger brother who’s 16 so he’s starting to go through the whole college search process which I’m probably more excited about than he is. I also have 2 dogs, Lionel and Sebastian. Maybe I’m partially biased, but I’m pretty sure they’re the best looking dogs in the world .

Sebastian's on the left and Lionel's on the right. Tell me they're not adorable.

Sebastian’s on the left and Lionel’s on the right. Tell me they’re not adorable.


On campus, I’m involved in a few different things. First off, I work in Admissions as an intern which is really fun. I love meeting people and I get to meet a bunch of new people everyday when I’m at work. The other thing that keeps me busy most days is my sorority, Chi Omega. I’m the social chair so I’m the one who gets to plan our semi in the fall and our formal in the spring, as well as mixers with different organizations on campus. I also work with 3 of my sorority sisters, so going into the office is always fun. I could easily do without Asa and David. Just kidding 🙂 And the last thing I’m involved in is a diversity club, ONE that Asa used to be the president of actually. All this plus classes and meetings keeps me pretty busy but I always find time to hang out with my suite mates, Chi O sisters and my friends! I’ve only been back on campus for like 3 weeks now but the semester is already flying by. Who knows what this year will bring but hopefully it’ll be an awesome year that I can share with all y’all!