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Tornado Watches, FDU & Financial Aid Too!

I made it! My first week of travel in New Jersey is complete and it included:

1. Surviving a tornado watch

2. Successfully remembering what my rental car looked like

3. Exposure to true aggressive driving


A special thanks to Bergen County Directors of Guidance for a great College Night this evening at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Here’s a peek at the stellar turnout:

Bergen County College Night at FDU

I was lucky enough to have a busy table and received a lot of quality questions from parents and students alike. The winner of the evening went to Financial Aid:

YOU ASK: “What percentage of your students receive Financial Aid? Do you offer Merit Scholarships?”

WE ANSWER: Awards are made primarily on the basis of financial need, and last year Babson was able to meet 95% of overall financial need. 50% of Babson Undergraduates will receive Financial Aid and students are receiving an average Babson Grant of $27,000. Babson College also offers a number of Merit Scholarships based on academic and extra-curricular accomplishments. Detailed information on Merit Scholarship criteria can be accessed here.


So long New Jersey, I’ll be back in October. Don’t miss me too much…