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This is My Babson

Babson is so pretty during the summer! Here are just a few spots on campus we have been able to capture in the past few weeks.







This is Reynolds Campus Center. Its our student “hub” on campus so to speak. ATMs, the Book Store, Campus Mailroom, as well as a few dining options are all housed here.


Here is a rear-view look at Reynolds from Barefoot Park–a part of upper campus where a lot of BBQs and 24 hour food events are held!


This is Coleman, it is a primarily sophomore residence hall, right next to the Globe on the top of campus.


This is the Arthur M Blank Center–our entrepreneurship hub on campus. Whether you need help starting a venture, or just need space to get it started, the Blank Center is the place to be!



Caroline, one of the other interns, and I love photography and are going to be blogging and posting pictures of campus throughout the next few months, so check back to see campus during the summer!