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Eventful Week

Last week was the busiest week I’ve had at BWP so far! With an event on Wednesday, followed by one on Thursday, there was a lot of running around and organizing all week in the office.

Wednesday we had our monthly Open Mixer at Splash, where Connectors, business leaders and other attendees from the city come out for a networking session. We originally planned on having the event at the rooftop pool, but as soon as we were set up on the roofdeck, it started to rain. Even though we moved the event inside, it went great! Since I have been able to meet many of the people involved with BWP, it was great to be able to reconnect and chat with them as they checked in and socialized. Here I’ve attached a few pictures from the event.

The next night, we had the Connector On Board Selection event at Joe’s on the Waterfront, where candidates were picked to be interviewed to potentially become part of BWP’s business leader network as Connectors. Thursday at the office was one of my hardest days, as there was so much planning that went into ensuring the event went smoothly. I had to organize the 40 candidates that were interviewing into groups of 4 to be interviewed by 10 current Connectors over 3 rounds; I had to make the groups so that no candidate was in the same group as another candidate and did not get interviewed by the same Connector twice. I also made packets of the applications of all the candidates the Connectors would be seeing and helped plan pre/post conference calls for the Connectors to talk before the selection and debrief after the interviews.

Although there were so many details that went into planning the selection, the actual event ran great. After another intern and I helped check in candidates as they were arriving, we just had to oversee the event with our directors to make sure it ran smoothly. At the end of the day, it was a relief that all out hard work paid off!

Next week is my last week at BWP, and I can’t believe how fast my timer here has gone by!