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Beaver Nation

Here at Babson, we have a lot of school spirit. We work hard all day long in class, but we still know how to have fun. Here are just a few of the reasons Babson is so great, and why we are all proud to say that we are a part of “Beaver Nation”.


We love to call ourselves Beaver Nation. Babson has a lot of school pride, and this is just one of the ways we like to show it. There's always someone giving out free t shirts or free food on any given day on campus.


If there's one thing Babson excels in--its social media. Whether it's #babson2012 trending nationwide the morning of graduation, or our undergraduate dean tweeting a picture of the audience at commencement, Babson knows how to tweet.

Barefoot Park is a great place for students to hang out outside of class! On the weekends, the Greek Community on campus does a lot of 24 hour fundraisers for charity, ranging from Chi Hop (a 24 hour pancake event benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation), to the AePI BBQ.


The patios outside some of the special interest towers, next to Barefoot Park are a great place to hang out and BBQ with your friends!


Doesn’t every school have a giant globe on campus? The Coleman Globe sits on the top of the hill, outside of one of the sophomore dorms.


This is half of Greek Row! Greek life at Babson is SO much fun! We have 3 sororities and 4 fraternities. Between our fundraisers, BBQs and Greek Week, the Greek Community at Babson is a GREAT thing to get involved in. Not only is it great to get to be a part of a unique community, but also a great networking opportunity. Come on. We’re a business school after all…


We have a grandson of the tree that hit Sir Isaac Newton on the head! One of our former presidents was a huge fan of Sir Isaac Newton so there are a lot of references to him all around campus!


Going to Babson, you accumulate a decent collection of “Babson Swag” as we call it. Free T-Shirts, sunglasses and food…going to a business school that likes to market itself really has its perks.