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Expense Reports

As part of any typical business travel experience, an expense report is submitted to reimburse an employee for their transactions. Previously I have only been exposed to hard copy reimbursement forms at Babson College where you simply fill out and submit a copy of your receipt. Because PUMA is a much larger corporation, however, they acquired a more efficient system of an online third party reporting service that compiles all the information into an easily readable document that is sent to the accounts payable department of accounting. Yesterday, I was responsible for become acquainted and filling out several months’ worth of expense reports for the VP of my department. Although tedious, this was a good experience to see how the databases and systems we learned in the IT segment of FME are applicable to realistic business situations. New systems are constantly being innovated to make every day business functions simpler and more time and quality efficient. Now that I know that this exists I can vouch for how helpful a tool this is for any business, whether it be a retail business, a school or a restaurant. To help future interns understand this process (instead of asking someone for directions), I prepared a guideline that I will inset into a manual that my co-intern and I have been working on.

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