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Day One Drama

For my first day of work, I was told to dress casually as the environment at PUMA is very carefree and relaxed. My manager insisted that I feel comfortable coming in dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.  So, just like she insisted, I wore a pair of converse, blue jeans and white tee. I spent the whole day sitting next to my manager, Liz, watching and observing all her job as a merchandise analyst entails.  I did not get much of a chance to get up and move around, besides lunch and a few bathroom breaks. When I returned from my lunch break, the VP of all merchandising of PUMA North America steps into Liz’s cubicle to introduce himself to me. Just a moment later, I received a blank stare. After a friendly introduction, he looks down at the ground below my feet and then back at my face with a look of bewilderment.  He laughs, “are you really wearing a pair of Converse to Puma?!”


I was so embarrassed and had no idea how to save the situation. I responded, “At least they’re not Nike!” That very minute I learned that Nike owns Converse.

Like everything in life though, there is always a bright side. At the end of the day, the same VP stopped by my desk and gifted my first free PUMA product. Although they were a mens size 7, I will never forget the day I tried to wear Converse sneakers to work at PUMA.

Yours truly,