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“So You Think You Can Eat”

On Wednesday, March 7th, the Class of 2015 Steering Committee hosted the “So You Think You Can Eat?!” chicken wing eating contest in Trim. Eleven members of the Class of 2015 were given the opportunity to compete against Dean Dan Kwash, the First-Year Class Dean, to be the first to finish 15 delicious BBQ chicken wings.

Before the contest began, first-year student Mike Corkrum took control of the microphone and declared he would be the “man to beat” in the competition. After some friendly jabs at the other contestants, Corkrum handed the microphone back to the event’s emcee, Evan Shirley, to prepare for the start of the competition.

Contestant Mike Corkrum '15 takes the microphone and makes predictions before the contest

In front of approximately 50 other students, Shirley counted down to the start of the competition. At the start, all eyes were on Dean Kwash, who pulled out a fork and knife and delicately dissected his first few wings. It wasn’t long before leaders began to emerge on the table, and the competition became a three-man race between Corkrum, Dom Tocci ’15, and Mark Gulesian ’15. As the clock passed the two-minute mark, the three leaders were only a few bites away from glory. At 2:12:64, it was Corkrum who dropped his final bone and raised his hands in victory. Gulesian and Tocci finished in second and third places, respectively.

After the competition, fans were treated to wings and Corkrum took the microphone one last time to thank his fans for their support. For his efforts, Corkrum took home a $50 prize.

A special thanks to all of the contestants and to Trim and Sodexo staff for preparing the wings!

BBQ chicken wings courtesy of Sodexo (Trim)

Dean Kwash (aka "Mean D Kwash") is prepared for the competition

Two competitors working hard to finish all of their wings

The only female in the competition, Victoria "Lil V Wing Masta" Squire '15 shows off her finished wings after the competition

Some members of the Class of 2015 Steering Committee after the event