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Babson Spring 2012 FME Program in Full Swing

We’re almost halfway through the Spring 2012 semester and the FME busiensses are in full swing! The annual FME fair that occurred on February 14, 2012 was a great success. Pictures of the event can be viewed here. Companies like LazerWear Apparel, H2Go, Stamp Out Suicide as well as many others were advertising their products to the Babson community with pride.

First Year Students showing off the Critter Caps

Each FME business has worked tirelessly to develop each product/service for consumers to enjoy. From acquiring sleek presentation devices from Pre De to keeping warm in the cold weather by sporting a Critter Cap, these FME businesses are selling products that will assist you in your everyday activities. They will continue to sell their products and services throughout the spring semester, so be sure to be on the lookout for them and support them any way you can.

The following is a list  of the FME businesses and the links to their websites:

Aura: www.aurafresh.webs.com

Beat Teez: http://www.beat-teez.com/

Beaver Wraps: www.beaverwrap.com

Charity Challenge: www.babocharitychallenge.org

Cool Earz: www.cool-earz.com

Critter Caps: www.CritterCapHats.com

Babson Mini Massagers

Gummi Keys: www.gummikeys.com

H2Go (Just Add Water): www.h2goboost.com

Lazerwear Apparel: www.lazerwear.com

Lug Mug: http://www.lugmug.myshopify.com

Oh Snap!: http://www.ohsnapapparel.com/

Pre De: www.prede.net

Prestige’ AudioCorp: www.prestigeaudio.webs.com

SOS Stamp Out Suicide: www.stampoutsuicide.com

Texting Gloves: www.textinggloves.myshopify.com

Urbanae’: www.urbanaefme.com

Waste No More: http://www.wastenomore.co/