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Pumped and ready to change lives!

Cheers friends,

As you remember from our last Weissman meeting Jake, So Yoon and I were planning to embark on a journey across South East Asia to make a difference, experience the raw culture of South East Asia and undertake an experience that will serve as an abiding influence within our minds as we make decisions as the business leaders of tomorrow.

We made extremely exciting plans to volunteer in Thailand, consult an Indonesian for-profit firm devoted to the preservation of culture and nature and finally Take Natalie Taylor’s Philanthropy initiative to a global level by doing it in New Delhi, India.

With great sadness I am telling you now that due to very unfortunate events I am the only one that was able to actually go on the trip that we all planned as a team. On a sad note I also did not have enough time to obtain an Indonesian VISA so the list of countries has been cut down to two. However I assure you that I will do all I can to make sure that these will be the last bit of sad news that I will deliver to you. Jake and So Yoon will still assist from their respective countries and in the spirit of Babson our plans are turning into reality.

Keep logging on as I will have news posts every 3-4 days. I just landed in Thailand and the weather here is absolutely amazing. I’m pumped and ready to change lives!

With an enormous deal of Weissman Pride,

Shoney Yakubjanov

Check out my room for the next 7-8 days and my Australian roommie David. I got the top bunk.

Shoney Yakubjanov and David Mint