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A new appreciation

I know summer is basically over, but I still want to share what I have been up to!

I decided after breaking my foot last September that I was going to try out for the soccer team at Babson because I missed playing so much. So this summer, I spent almost everyday training. It took up a lot of time but it was really fun too! The whole time, I was getting excited for my big trip…..

In August, I got to go to Africa! I went with Babson students, alumni, and faculty. I spent a week in Ghana and a week in Rwanda teaching entrepreneurial leadership. We worked from a workbook that Amy helped to create, focused on teaching entrepreneurship in Africa.

The trip was beyond my expectations. I went to Rwanda in March too, but this trip was different. The students were so caring and willing to learn. They were working to find real solutions to their community’s problems. One of my students even won the rocket pitch competition at the end of the week with his computer training idea! When I got back, I appreciated everything I had so much more. We are lucky in the U.S. to have such easy access to everything from education to water. About two weeks ago, I broke my foot again (ten days before preseason for soccer) but my experiences in Africa taught me to not give up even when bad things happen. I will heal soon, and then I will be back trying out for soccer.

I’m so excited to start the new year and welcome the new Weissman scholars.