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Babson Summer Family Day 2011

On Saturday June 25th, 2011, Babson held its annual Summer Family day.It was a great opportunity for the class of 2015 to meet each other and start establishing a sense of community as a class.

The students participated in a local community service project with either Cradles to Crayons or Friends of Homeless of the South Shore.The students on the Friends of the Homeless trip were provided with some additional bonding time since their bus broke down on the way back to Babson!Fortunately, they made it back in time for lunch and closing comments from President Len Schlesinger.

The parents and other family members who remained on campus learned more about the programs offered at Babson.These programs included the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, Foundations for Management and Entrepreneurship, International Education and the First Year Seminar.

A special thanks to our Bernon Center who coordinated all of the community service activities.  Some photos taken that day have been posted to the 2015 Dean’s Group on Facebook.

We are looking forward to meeting the rest of the Babson Class of 2015 at the end of August.