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“YOU WOULD get a bike that generates electricity!”

Hey Gang!

I really hope everyone is having the awesomest of awesome experiences right now. Looks like Amy and Jason already are. As it goes for me I’m having a pretty jolly summer as well.

I was quite fortunate at acquiring a marketing strategy internship at GreenerU. If you’re wondering what GreenerU does, a one sentence pitch would be: GreenerU is a for-profit company that delivers environmental sustainability services to colleges and universities. Needless to say I love it as it has the two things I was looking for: gaining experience in the field of marketing and working for a company that makes profit off of making a positive impact on the world.

Much like Jason’s, my experience finding a place to live was not easy either. On two occasions the places that were verbally promised to my roommate and I have been broken. There was more to come, but I won’t go into too much detail as it’s not that interesting. Luckily we were able to find a wonderful apartment by Harvard Square (everyone is welcome to visit by the way) about 15 minutes away from our very own Jacob Brady. In fact here’s a shot of the sunset by Charles River I took on the way to visit him and his roommates:

Work started very shortly after moving in. On the very first day of work I was thrown in the midst of my first project which is based on the analysis on the potential company use of new online platforms (or in plain English: social media) for marketing purposes. My first presentation and report to the CFO and the Business Development Analyst (both of whom are very awesome people) were due in 2 days.

I must say that I love the very demanding atmosphere as I’ve never been this challenged in my life. While my every other working/project experience was always met with praises and seldom with criticism it’s exactly the opposite at GreenerU and I love it. I’m working hard to rise to the expectations and am feeling that my skill level is going up a steep slope. For this I am thankful to GreenerU. Just look at how pumped I am to work a ten hour day:

The working environment is very friendly. The company is pretty small so everyone always eats lunch together in the park by the office and I often get to talk to the CEO of GreenerU, Rob Pratt. This is a man that built the largest windmill farm in Southern America and is now on his third multimillion dollar start-up in the Clean Energy Sector. I felt as if Rob is exactly the kind of an entrepreneur that Babson prepares us to be. Thanks to him I’ve been exploring a potential career in clean energy in Eastern Europe and Asia.

In final news I’ve used a portion of my stipend to buy a folding bicycle from Dahon that generates electricity. You can see a picture of it below. I use it to commute from the company’s Waltham headquarters to one of GreenerU’s clients, Babson. Not only does it help me commute, but also make new friends and often hear the phrase: “YOU WOULD get a bike that generates electricity!”

Getting in shape, making a difference in the world and gaining some valuable working experience: life’s good.

Hope to hear from the rest of you guys! I’ll continue posting updates as well.