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First Experiences at Time Out New York!

Hello! My name is Kelly Walsh and I am an upcoming Junior at Babson.  I received the amazing opportunity to intern at one of New York City’s most popular entertainment magazines, Time Out New York, for the summer.  Time Out is both an international published magazine and website that is based out of several major cities around the world.  At Time Out New York, they allow busy New Yorkers the ability to know exactly what is going on in their non-stop, bustling city.  With categories such as Arts & Culture, Music & Nightlife, Restaurants & Bars and Shopping & Style, Time Out New York (referred to as TONY) is a one-stop shop for everything New York!

As for myself, moving to New York City has been a whirlwind experience for me.  From learning the subway system, to living on my own and starting a new job, my life has been busy!  At TONY I work alongside the Marketing & Events Planning team, who deal with a wide range of projects.

When I first started my internship I was put to work with very easy jobs that would allow me to learn the processes that the TONY team took.  My first week consisted of meeting my fellow employees, talking with the other interns about their experience, and learning what exactly the Marketing & Events department did.  With every day, I became more and more excited about the summer ahead of me!

My responsibilities as a marketing & events intern include setting up both NBC’s and CBS’s “Best Bets” segment that take place every Saturday morning regarding the best things do to that weekend.  Putting together this segment involves finding several events to suggest, contacting them, receiving press releases and b-roll, and putting together a list for both television networks.

Another responsibility that I have is our weekly magazine contests titled “Get This”.  Every Wednesday I have the opportunity to make a couple readers’ day!  After correctly answering an in-magazine question, a few readers receive prizes associated with our articles.  I have the pleasure of calling these people and congratulating them on being our weekly winners.  This task is by far my favorite job since starting at TONY.

As I continue my work at TONY, I learn more and more about what it takes to be a success marketing & events team and my fellow team members could not be more welcoming.  With a few big projects lined up in the next couple of weeks, there will surely be exciting things to blog about.

-Kelly Walsh