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Two Awesome Tuesday Events

T-shirt prize from the Class of 2013 Steering Committee

While on my way to work in the Admissions Department, Tuesday morning, a couple of students from the Class of 2013 Steering Committee, driving a Babson van, offered me a ride. I was happy they were so persuasive, because when the door opened, I saw blinking lights on the seats.Then they shouted “Welcome to the Babson Cash Cab!” It was a lovely surprise! =)  They asked different questions on Babson Trivia. For the first question a contestant answered correctly, he/she received a Babson Cash Cab t-shirt.  Subsequently, money became the prize for each correct response.

It was a wonderful way to start my morning. I won a t-shirt, $10, and got a ride to work =)
Thank you Class of 2013 Steering Committee!

Another great event that happened on Tuesday included the Born This Way Campaign!


The goal of this event was to celebrate the spirit of the Babson community making sure everyone feels welcome. This occasion once again displayed the immense support students have for creating a positive environment, not only from the administration and faculty, but from their peers as well! Sarina Kowaguchi, a Babson Undergraduate, also has a vision to create a welcoming atmosphere within the campus community.She wants to empower her peers to create a zero-tolerance atmosphere around homophobia and other social prejudices that unfortunately still exist today. Her vision of an even more hospitable community on this campus came to life on Tuesday! A Flash Mob Dance spontaneously erupted in the Trim Dining Hall where members from all parts of this campus were represented.

This event was very inspiring! It was a wonderful way to raise awareness on this issue. The whole experience was so well received and supported throughout the campus. To help the vision stay alive, everyone, whether it is on a college campus, in one’s home, at work, or anywhere else, they should get inspired by the message of the Born This Way Campaign and take action to help others become comfortable with who they are by always creating a welcoming environment!

Thank you to everyone involved with bringing this event to campus and to everyone who supports this message! =)
Check out a video of the flash mob below!