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The Spring 2011 Semester Begins

The Spring semester at Babson is here and there a variety of exciting events that are taking place that I am looking forward to.

The first of these events is the New Student Orientation Program that begins this Saturday January 15th 2011. We are welcoming first year, transfers, and exchange students to the Babson community. The students will participate in a variety of sessions and activities designed to allow students to get to know one another as well as understand all the important resources at Babson.

There will be 18 FME businesses that the class of 2014 will be launching as of January 18th 2011. There are a variety of interesting businesses that I am looking forward to seeing. There are IPod speakers, cell phone chargers, and USB drives just to name a few. All of the businesses will showcase their products at the FME business fair on Tuesday, February 15th 2011 at 4:00 pm in Knight Auditorium.

Other programs and events that I am looking forward to are:

  • Student Leadership Selection for 2011-2012
  • Spring Weekend
  • Founders Day
  • Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork
  • FME Reports to the Community

This is just a sample of the many exciting things happening at Basbon.  In addition, we also start our planning for the class of 2015.

It is going to be a great semester.