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So… Needless to say Halloween is fun, and I have to thank Babson College for renewing my Halloween spirit! Before coming to Babson I went through the whole dressing up is for little kids stage (please don’t judge me, I was a teenager, I was probably full of angst), but college has given me a sense of Halloween purpose: To be the man with the greatest costume on campus. Sadly, my mother refuses to continue paying for costumes so I’ve had to buy costumes on a college students budget. But never the less I was on a mission to find a great costume!

(An aside…Anteater’s are super cool)

Anteater's are super cool

That’s why my costume of choice this year was well, an ant-eater! I know, greatest costume ever right? What would be more exciting than seeing a giant anteater walking around campus? Maybe seeing a real anteater walk around campus. But aside from that there’s not a whole lot that’s cooler.

The picture above was my costume of choice. Sadly, the price tag on that baby was a whopping $1,000! I know ridiculous right? So I went on to plan B, I thought what cool movies came out this year, and came up with a list of Inception, Toy Story 3, and Despicable Me. Considering the fact that I don’t really look anything like Ellen Page, Leonardo Dicaprio or that guy from 500 days of summer Inception was out. I’m also not a fan of evil geniuses turned good guys (stick to your guns folks!), so I decided on going with Toy Story 3. Who’s more lovable than Woody? No one! So I mozied on down to our local costume shop (I even began using words like mozie to get into character) and found myself a Woody costume. Yet again the capitalist system crushed my dreams, demand for the product was apparently high because the price of the costume (a one piece cowboy shirt and pants with boot covers and a hat!) was $65!

I had been defeated again… So I went back to the drawing board! Luckily a former admissions intern gave me a fantastic idea for a costume! A cereal killer! All I needed was a box of cereal. Check. A spoon. Check. And a bottle of fake blood! Which i was able to find at the costume shop! And that my friends is how you celebrate Halloween without having to worry about paying your cellphone bill! I hope everyone has a great Halloween and I’d love to hear about other people’s costumes!