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As the Seasons Change, Excitement Builds!

Hey guys,

I’m incredibly excited! Why you ask? Because I just found out that I’ll be heading to Costa Rica for a short course during winter break. What could be better than going to a warm, sunny country for 12 days during the coldest time of the year? Staying in the rain forest for those 12 days! Not only am I in love with the location, but the course itself will be absolutely amazing. We’ll be studying ecotourism, biodiversity, and conservation policy. I’ll be flying from Boston to Costa Rica with a group of 15 other Babson students; we’ll spend a night in San Luis, and travel to the Monteverde Cloud Forest to begin our studies! I can’t wait!

Cloud forest

I’m also super excited to see some familiar faces during Back to Babson Weekend! It’s been four months since graduation and I’m sure there are a ton of Babson grads looking forward to visiting the campus for the weekend! Homecoming weekend is always a ton of fun, with the bonfire and 80’s cover band tonight, the homecoming parade and affinity reunions Saturday and alumni games going on all weekend long! It’s always great to meet members of organizations you’re a part of who graduated before you came to Babson and getting a chance to pick their brains and see what they’re up to now. But what’s even better is getting a chance to see friends who have recently graduated and getting to spend time reminiscing and hearing about their lives in the “real world” with 9 to 5 jobs and actual responsibilities.

Finally, I can’t wait to hear whether or not I got a part in this year’s Babson Black Student Union production of A Raisin in the Sun. I never would have thought that I would be auditioning for a play as a high school student but I’m glad that I’ve gotten to try it here at Babson because it’s been a great experience so far and has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and embrace something totally new. I was lucky enough to get a part in the BSU’s production of The Piano Lesson my freshman year and had a ton of fun. I’m hoping that my previous experience and my audition will be enough to earn me a part in this year’s play!