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Autumn Leisure

Hi Everyone,

The blazing reds and golds of autumn are beginning to emerge as the weather here gets ever so slightly cooler. Though we are still at the beginning of the season, watching the leaves change color tops my list as one of the most brilliant things about living in New England. The rumor is that further up the coast, the leaves are already much more orange than they are here, which I am excited to see when I drive up to Maine for the weekend!!

This weekend is the Common Ground Country Fair in Maine, where I will meet several friends from my study abroad program who go to universities and colleges along the East Coast. The fair itself is “a celebration of rural life” and they will have demonstrations of all sorts, organic foods, locally made crafts, and livestock exhibits. About seven of the students from my study abroad program will be staying in a house or camping nearby, which should be tons of fun! I’m looking forward to our story-telling sessions about everything that happened throughout the summer and how their school years have been going so far. I may even bring up my black and white film camera to take pictures of everything and develop them when I get back here in the lab!

Speaking of which, yesterday in our photography class we learned how to use all of the equipment in the dark room, so now I can use it whenever it is open! The photo that I was working on was one taken on a hiking trail near Babson. There is a hidden bridge full of graffiti art that rarely has visitors, except the occasional dog-walker, tagger, or rock climber, and it is clear that the oldest art has endured much weathering in the time that it’s been up. Each year, when I return to school and walk to the bridge, new things are up, but it always follows a somewhat unspoken code whereby the artists post things that are significant to them. So, this year, I went to photograph the art on the bridge, which can be somewhat difficult in old-fashioned black and white film, and I was happy to see that the photos turned out. Perhaps when they are dry, I’ll be able to scan a few and you all can see this trail for yourselves.

This week, since most classes and activities are still as busy as always, I figured it would be nice to take some time to appreciate the more leisurely activities available near campus to relax.

For those who will be attending the Preview Day this weekend, I hope you enjoy it! For everybody else, have an excellent weekend!!