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Second Internship Post

Hey guys! It’s Dam coming to you with my second blog about my internship experiences this summer. Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in a few pretty interesting projects with my company that have allowed me to not only showcase my strong desire to work in the field of sports marketing, but have also helped me learn all the intricate work that goes into advertising an athlete, game or league. I have been heavily involved in my company’s marketing campaign for the FIFA world cup, and have done many things from researching athletes that we choose to highlight on our website, so that I can write articles about their accomplishments thus far, as well as creating polls that the athletes’ fans can take online that ask questions such as who is your favorite athlete and who they think will win the world cup! I am excited to see what future projects I will be allowed to participate in and as usual I’m so grateful to Babson for providing me with the necessary funds to work for this company!