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Final this Final that…

It’s so close I can almost feel it! Finals are a week away and then summer vacation! Time to relax, read some great books, catch up on sleep, and get ready to become a peer mentor and meet all of you fabulous incoming freshmen!

Today was my last FME class ever, and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty bittersweet. I mean, obviously, the last day of class is always great, and today was my business’s Report to the Community (attended by Dean Hanno, Dean Major, Lisa Thomas, and Josh Stevenson, just to name a few high rollers!)! So not only was it the last day of FME, it was the last day my business was together!

Yes, it was a rollercoaster, but it was definitely the best rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. FME is no joke, and it really is a blast to be a part of! I can’t even begin to think about everything I’ve learned in what seems like 8 years when really it has only been 8 months!

Other than FME, finals are coming closer and closer, and even though I know I really need to buckle down, write my Arts and Humanities Foundations paper instead of writing for my First Year Blog (oops), and start studying, the energy in the air with the graduating seniors and summer on the horizon make it very hard to concentrate!

I will really miss being a freshman at Babson. Luckily, I get to relive the best part (Orientation Weekend!) with all of you in August!

With that, I am going to go finish my paper which I had edited by the Writing Resource Center earlier today!

Enjoy the last few weeks of school and summer break and see you next year!